Linked Success products help streamline and simplify people management processes and can adapt for any workplace, from office environments, to healthcare organisations.


Here’s just some of the benefits of using Linked Success products.

Works on any Device

Linked Success products run on any device with an internet connection. But we also supply Apple iOS and Google Android apps for your smartphone or tablet.

No Hardware Expenses

There's no need to invest in expensive computer hardware to run our products.


You've always got the most up to date software, whether you've been with us for five years or five minutes. That means everyone benefits from hotfixes and system updates.

Privacy Laws

Linked Success applications meet all relevant legislative requirements including the Federal Privacy Act (1998) and all relevant state and territory laws.

Australian Privacy Principles

Application Security

Our software has been hardened to make sure your data is safe from hackers and accidental breaches.

Account Security

Linked Success appliations have five account levels, with built-in privileges that can be granted or revoked by the System Administrator.


Linked Success products come with these core features.

organisation Management

Add your organisation details, site locations, and more.

Asset Categories

Add computers, printers, vehicles, books or even the coffee machine under custom categories.

Arrivals & Departures Concierge

Concierge automates arrivals and departures from your workplace. All you need is an iPad to install the app and staff, visitors and clients can sign in and out.

User Management

Create user accounts, add personal details, and grant privileges to access other users and access the application.

People Management

Manage occupational health and safety, record medical requirements, incidents, and view attendance records.


Communicate in groups or one-to-one, just like Slack or Microsoft Teams. You can also issue public announcements to all users and allow replies.


The notification system can send email, push notifications (if app installed) and SMS.

Smartphone apps

Linked Success supplies Apple iOS and Android apps for use on smartphones and tablets. Use these to get push notifications when you're not logged in.


The calendar lists all tasks and events assigned to accounts, groups, sites or your organisation.


Create tasks with attachments and completion dates, and assign them to accounts, groups, sites or your organisation. They appear in recipient calendars and send notifications when due.


Create events for your user accounts or organisation just like Outlook or Google. Add details, locations and maps, attachments and even link to required assets like laptops or projectors.